How many of you thought the last you've seen of your acne was your teenage years, yet lo and behold, it reared its ugly head in your twenties and beyond?

In your confusion, you rummage through old teen acne products only to realize they fail to work the way they used to. This can only mean that adult acne is another breed, and it is, ladies. Adult acne is rarely a result of overactive sebaceous glands and bad hygiene, but rather hormones or an indication you need to majorly clean out your diet.

Adult acne actually needs to be resolved from the inside out, but there are two key products every adult acne sufferer must stock up on to keep troubled skin at bay.

 Salicylic Acid

Adult acne is especially difficult to treat because you're battling not only flare-ups but also oncoming wrinkles. Salicylic acid serves as your skin's savior because it reduces swelling and redness while unclogging blocked pores without drying out your skin the way benzoyl peroxide does. It also encourages exfoliation, sloughing off dead skin effectively. If your adult acne is mild to moderate, a topical form of 2% salicylic acid should get the job done.

 Glycolic Acid

For those of you whose skin is ravaged with typical adult acne “real estate” around the chin, jaw, mouth  and it's so severe you wish you had a dermatologist on emergency dial, you need to switch out your mild cleansers and lotions for a 10-12% Glycolic acid cleanser and cream. Glycolic acid is one of the most popular and effective skin care ingredients used to combat two very different skin problems—aging and acne. Known as an alpha hydroxy acid or AHA, it's derived from sugar cane and helps the skin exfoliate the top, dry layer of cells that are clogging pores. As the dead cells are removed, it stimulates new skin cell growth.

Just like your wardrobe needs a makeover for your new decade, so does your skincare. Here's to hoping that your acne will finally rest in peace when you combat adult acne the right way.