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Five Simple Ways To Control Your Acne

If acne is a daily struggle for you, you know how sensitive your skin is to bacteria and oil. Keeping acne at bay means more than just applying the right products. Because your skin is so susceptible to pore-clogging bacteria and build-up, you can benefit from doing a little extra cleaning up to keep your face blemish-free. Here are a few simple lifestyle changes I recommend for my acne-prone clients.

Clean Your Makeup Brushes & Bag

If you aren’t thoroughly washing your makeup brushes at least once a week, you’re giving bacteria a great place to live and grow. Use warm, soapy water to thoroughly rinse your applicators, sponges, and brushes. And don’t forget your makeup bag! Bacteria can hang out inside the bag, contaminating your brushes all over again. Throw it in the wash if it’s machine-safe, or give it a good soak in warm, soapy water and let air dry. You can even give the inside a wipe down with sanitizing wipes between washes.

Rinse Away Conditioner

When my clients are battling stubborn back acne, my first question is if they use conditioner on their hair. Hair experts recommend rinsing out hair conditioner at the very last minute to ensure that your strands get maximum hydration time. But if you are getting breakouts on your back or even around your hairline, you should switch your rinse routine.Heavy silicones and other pore-clogging substances may be great for your hair but too heavy for your skin. Rinse out your hair masque first, then apply face cleanser and give your back a scrub with some soap and a body brush to remove any conditioner residue.

Clean Pillowcases & Towels

It might sound like a lot of work, but try changing your pillowcase every night if you experience bad breakouts. A fresh pillowcase ensures that you aren’t contaminating your skin with the same bacteria and dirt every night. After cleansing your face, you should always use a fresh, clean towel to pat dry. I like my Bamboo Face Towels because they are bacteria-resistant and come in a pack of seven so you always have a fresh option.

Sanitize Your Cell Phone

You wash your hands and your face all the time, but what about your cell phone? We leave our phones on all kinds of surfaces and touch them constantly, transferring bacteria to our faces while we talk. Give your phone a wipe down with an antibacterial wipe once a day to minimize the potential for breakouts.

Double Cleanse

Is your face cleanser really getting all of that makeup off? Many cleansers, especially those made with sensitive skin in mind, just don’t do a thorough job. I recommend that my acne -prone clients double cleanse. First, emulsify makeup with an acne-friendly face oil like jojoba oil and towel it off with a warm washcloth. Then, apply face cleanser and wash as usual. Follow with a gentle toner like witch hazel to ensure every drop of makeup is gone.

 Have you made a lifestyle change that made all the difference in your acne? 

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