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Four Weeks To Springtime Skin

My skin gets seriously thirsty in the winter. I slather treatments all over my face to battle dryness, but something about being wrapped up in cozy layers makes me forget to give the skin on my body the same attention. When temps start heating up here in L.A. and it’s time to bust out the tank tops and shorts, I start to realize just how much I’ve neglected my legs, arms, and back all winter long. My number one skin goal before spring starts? Transforming my winter skin from dry and scaly to soft, smooth, and hydrated.

The key to reviving winter skin is exfoliation. I’m personally not a fan of scrubs—for the face OR body—because they tend to be very abrasive, causing tears and injuries to the skin that can trigger serious inflammation. As an eczema sufferer,I need something that will stimulate cell turnover without irritating my already inflamed skin. Body peels like my new TCA Multi-Acid Body Peel contain a combination of exfoliating acids to lighten hyperpigmentation, stimulate cell renewal, and clear body bumps, all while banishing dry skin. The key in my formula is high concentrations of lactic and glycolic acids—natural exfoliators that actually hydrate the skin so it’s left dewy, not dry. Also included: TCA and salicylic acid to soften bumpy chicken skin caused by keratosis pilaris and help eradicate body acne.

Not familiar with how to get all the benefits from a body peel? Follow these easy tips for glowy skin from head to toe.

Exfoliate with a Body Peel

The great thing about body peels is that they’re very easy to use. My TCA Body Peel self-neutralizes so you just brush it on once or twice a week and go about your business.


  • For deep exfoliation, don’t apply body moisturizer for a few days after using the peel. The lactic acid in the formula will keep your skin hydrated, but your skin will start to lightly flake and will continue to slough off for a few days.
  • If you prefer light exfoliation, applying a moisturizer after the peel will tone down the flaking.
  • Continue to use the peel weekly to reveal and maintain fresher, softer brighterer,more clearclearer skin. 


    Deep Hydration Treatment

     After 3-4 weeks of using the peel, your skin will feel plumper, softer, smoother, and a whole lot more moisturized. If you still feel like your skin could use an extra moisture boost, apply an oil-based lotion, I like lotion every night followed by a light layer of body oil. I like Eucerin Intensive Repair followed by, pure avocado,coconut, or grape seed oil. The lotion hydrates skin while the oil locks in the moisture.


    • Apply lotion immediately after showering while skin is still a little damp.
    • Allow lotion to absorb completely before applying body oil.


    The Best Faux Tan

     One of my favorite parts of using a body peel vs. a scrub is that it evenly exfoliates. That means you won’t have any crusty build-up left on your knees, ankles, or elbows—all the places where self-tanner likes to accumulate. Using a body peel before you apply a self-tanner or get an airbrush tan means your bronze glow will not only look more even, it will also last longer!


    • Wait until your body has finished flaking from the peel to apply your tanner.
    • Moisturize regularly after application to keep the tan even.
    • Avoid using the body peel until the tan has worn off.
    • You can use the peel when you’re done with your tan to get rid of any areas that have not worn off evenly.
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