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Why Facials Are A Waste Of Time And Money

Professional facials have long been considered a non-negotiable for a glowing complexion, but are they really transforming your skin? The average spa-goer spends over $900 per year on facials while some skincare experts insist that facials are the way to go, others claim they are a total waste of money. Our verdict? Although facials may temporarily give you a plumper, brighter complexion, it’s what you do every day at home that really counts. Read on for how you can skip the facial and become your own skincare pro at home.


USE HIGH QUALITY SKINCARE: Instead of shelling out for facials, invest your money in an at-home skincare routine powered by high quality actives. When our founder Kerry was practicing as a licensed aesthetician, she noticed that the skincare her clients were using between appointments could be working harder. That’s when she started developing her own line based on her in-office technique of “stacking” gentle exfoliation, serums and professional-grade tools to drive actives deeper. Start your at-home regimen with the building blocks for healthy skin: a daily sunblock with at least SPF 30, a non-stripping cleanser like our Prebiotic Gel Cleanser, and a potent treatment like our EGF Activating Serum to power up your skin cell turnover. 


TRY AN AT-HOME PEEL: Used at least once weekly, an at-home chemical peel can give you all of the brightening benefits of a professional peel without any of the irritating side effects or downtime. Our TCA Lactic & Glycolic Face Peel gently resurfaces skin with a blend of five exfoliating acids to brighten dark spots, treat and prevent breakouts, clear pores, smooth uneven texture, and soften fine lines. 


ADD TOOLS INTO YOUR REGIMEN: Pairing serums and peels with professional-grade tools helps drive the ingredients deeper into the skin, boosting the efficacy of the actives while targeting issues like acne, fine lines and dark spots. Skin feeling dull and flaky? Pair our Dermaplaning Exfoliating Tool with our HA Hydrating Serum to visibly brighten skin while boosting the hydrating benefits of the serum. Battling fine lines or dark spots? Pair our MicroNeedling Skin Refining Tool with our EGF Activating Serum to gently micro-exfoliate skin and support healthy collagen.  


SEE A PRO FOR BIGGER TREATMENTS: Ditching the facial doesn’t mean you should never see a pro. Invest in bigger treatments like microneedling, microdermabrasion and peels to stimulate collagen and promote skin renewal. But remember, it’s still important to supplement these treatments with a solid at-home routine.

Curious about how to stack but not sure where to start? Check out our blog on how to find your regimen, featuring curated skincare recs from StackedSkincare founder Kerry Benjamin. 

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