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Why Facials Are A Waste Of Time And Money

….And What You Should Do Instead!

A day at the spa treating yourself to a facial is considered one of the most ultimate indulgences: but is it really transforming your skin? The average amount spent on facials annually is approximately $800-900, including the products used by the esthetician. Many estheticians and skincare experts insist on the necessity of facials, while others claim they are a total waste of money. Our verdict? You are much better off spending your money on in-depth treatments like microneedling, microdermabrasion and peels and then supplementing these treatemnts with home care.

What to Do At home in between treatments: 

Skincare technology and devices have evolved greatly in the past five years. Handheld devices, including Zeno (for acne), LightStim LED light therapy (for skin cell renewal and acne treatment) and Clarisonic (to deep clean and promote microcirculation), are available to purchase online, or in specialty and department stores. Clarisonic is highly recommended since it is universal for all skin types and ages and relies on micro-vibration technology to loosen dead skin cells, oils and makeup that accumulate on the skin surface. Instead of going to a spa and spending hundreds of dollars for these treatments, you can simply purchase your own and perform them yourself in between the preferred professional treatments explained above. Select your facials discriminately. Invest your hard-earned money and precious time in treatments that actually work and effect true change in your skin. Seriously think about making that one-time payment to purchase a Clarisonic or other highly effective home care devices to bridge any gaps in between treatments. Not only will you save money, you’ll significantly increase the results of your professional treatments.

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