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Can This New Celebrity Skin Treatment Transform Your Face?

To attain incredible skin we have tried a million things. It started with microdermabrasion, then it was all about peels and now it’s oxygen facials, photofacials, bee venom, microneedling…and the list goes on.

So what actually works when it comes to having amazing skin?

The truth is that all of these procedures can make your skin glow, but there’s one new treatment on the market that has everyone talking – and for good reason.

It’s called Stacked Skincare™ and it hails from Los Angeles – the land where everyone seems to have a celebrity glow and amazing skin. The treatment combines the benefits of every one of the best skincare options out there and rolls them all into one.

Stacked Skincare™ was developed by skincare expert Kerry Benjamin who is known for transforming troubled skin out of her private skincare oasis in Santa Monica, California. Kerry created Stacked Skincare™ by layering four advanced procedures, and a special formulation of serums based on her clients specific skin care needs in one session.

Stacked Skincare™ includes a dermaplane procedure followed by a Silkpeel Dermalinfusion™, a light TCA peel, and micro needling that infuses a potent serum blend of growth factors, peptides, hyaluronic acid and vitamins and is finished with a balancing moisturizer that locks in your results.

By combining these specific types of treatments in one session you get instant noticeable results that no other facial or home care products can help you achieve and celebrities love it because it’s fast, efficient and does not involve down time or surgery before big events.

With so many options out there it makes sense someone created a treatment that combines the best of all of them without having to book each individual treatment separately. And yes – the results are red carpet worthy. Learn more at


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