The Scratch Itch Factor : My Top 11 Eczema Tips

Eczema is a medical condition that causes skin to become inflamed or irritated. Eczema affects about 10% to 20% of infants and about 3% of adults and children in the U.S. Most infants who develop the condition outgrow it by their tenth birthday, while some people continue to have symptoms on and off throughout life. If you have eczema, you know how itchy and painful it can be. However, simple lifestyle changes can make a big difference on managing symptoms. I’ve rounded up my Top 11 tips for treating eczema.

Ice Gel Packs or Ice Roller

Resist the urge to scratch and reach for an ice gel pack instead. Hot water dries out the skin leading to more itching and breakouts, so next time you feel the need to scratch, go straight for an ice gel pack to calm the itch and inflammation. If you’re itching during the night, this is a go to solution to fall back asleep, the gel packs are soothing and calming.

Seran wrap

Seal in moisture by covering your skin at night. After your shower or bath, apply oil and/or moisturizer to scaly areas and wrap them with plastic wrap. In the morning, remove the plastic wrap, cleanse skin, apply oil and moisturizer. Repeat daily or as needed. You can also do this during the day and wrap under your clothing. Take it a step further if you’re super itchy and use the ice gel packs over the seran wrap.


Eczema is not really a histamine problem, but antihistamines do help. Scratching makes eczema worse and antihistamines are known to have a sedating effect that keep people from scratching.


Medium depth TCA peels are great for Eczema on the body and face. They remove plaques and rough spots very effectively without any irritation to the skin. These peels are typically formulated with lactic acid which can also be very hydrating. Peels are often mistaken as hash when in fact they are great for sensitive skin because they are not abrasive. It’s an excellent way to remove dead skin and allow products to penetrate without causing irritation.  For an at home solution, we've got a 2 face peels and a body peel.  

Our TCA Multi Acid Face Peel and our TCA Multi Acid Body Peel are loaded with lactic acid, this peel will gently slough off dead skin while leaving your skin nourished and hydrated.  The salicylic acid will kill bacteria and calm inflammation.  I developed these peels specifically for my dry sensitive eczema skin.  They've helped me a ton and I know you'll find relief too!  They are super easy to use with no downtime, simply cleanse your face, or right after the shower, brush on a layer on your face or entire body, no rinsing needed!  Watch our videos on the product pages to learn more about these amazing peels.

Organic Deep Sea Mineral Peel, with organic willow bark extract to gently exfoliate and Bladderwrack Seaweed Extract to help nourish and purify the skin of toxins that cause dryness, wrinkles and excess fluid retention.  


Moisturizers are composed of a combination of key ingredients that are categorized as emollients, humectants, and occlusives, which work together to enhance hydration and improve the skin barrier function. Perfume-free moisturizers with humectant and occlusive ingredients are generally safer alternatives for eczematous skin.


Take melatonin in the evening for a deeper sleep and increased relaxation. Make sure to take at least an hour before bed and give yourself 7-8 hours of sleep so you don’t feel groggy the next morning.

Don’t Sweat

Unfortunately, exercise dries out the skin through the loss of fluids, and the sodium in sweat can dehydrate the skin as well as sting and irritate it. It’s best to skip the gym when eczema is active. As an alternative, walking, bike riding or other lighter activity is best until the inflammation has calmed down.

Allergy Test

It’s a good idea to take an allergy test to pinpoint what you are specifically allergic to. Environment, both inside and out, food and hormones, all play a key role in eczema flare ups. Knowing specifically what you are allergic to and then avoiding those things can result in significant improvement in your skin.

Encase Your Mattress and All Pillows

Keep your bedding to a minimum - most eczema suffers are allergic to bed mites, encasing everything and keeping your bedding minimal will make it less likely for the mites to touch your skin and cause irritation. Also, avoid having rugs in the bedroom and keep your window treatment minimal.

Change Sheets Frequently

Changing your sheets often (usually more than once a week) can make a huge difference in reducing your itching during the night. If your eczema is concentrated mainly around your face and neck, try changing just your pillowcase every night.

Avoid Carpeting

Dust mites can cause eczema, especially in kids. Keeping these eczema triggers to a minimum, get rid of carpeting, rugs, and drapes - all of which hold a lot of dust. If you can’t get rid of carpeting, make sure to thoroughly clean it every week.