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Essential Fall Skincare Tips: Maintain Great Skin After Summer!

After spending a summer of fun using little to no makeup and a simplified skincare regimen, you may look in the mirror and see some differences in your skin: slightly darker, uneven texture and, for some, a drier complexion with a weatherized look and feel.

Help transition your skin for the upcoming fall weather with the following tips to maintain your skin’s texture, tone and pH. You may also need to change out a few key products to help ease your skin into the cooler weather.

What are some common skincare changes after summer?

For those of you who may’ve forgotten to reapply sunscreen regularly, you may notice a slightly darker skin tone or some new freckles or sunspots that you haven’t noticed before. For some, skin can have a rougher texture. Depending on the skin type, skin may become drier or oiler. Others may feel their skin is more dehydrated.

What can I do to get my skin back into shape after summer?

Exfoliation is the quickest way to enliven a lackluster complexion, as the process sloughs off dead skin cells and allows fresh, new skin cells to rise to the skin’s surface. For a quick and dramatic boost, consider a professional spa-based treatment, such as Silk Peel Microdermabrasion, which gently exfoliates and resurfaces skin while enabling deeper absorption of skincare formulas. This procedure incorporates the use of vitamin C and hyaluronic acid to infuse skin with collagen-stimulating, skin-plumping benefits.

For an even bigger impact, try a professional chemical peel to deeply exfoliate and hydrate your skin.  Not only do chemical peels yield instant results, but because they allow for deeper penetration of your homecare products, peels help skin stay healthy and radiate continuously.

Always use a minimum of SPF 30 year round with a broad-spectrum sunscreen. An SPF 50 is not necessary, but preferred if you work outdoors, spend more than two hours each day outdoors or may have had facial laser resurfacing. Ultimately, sun protection needs to be applied throughout the day, preferably every 2-3 hours. The frequency and commitment of sunscreen application is more important than the difference between SPF numbers, which are virtually negligible.

Don’t forget to use an eye cream day and night, since squinting in the sun is a main cause of fine lines and wrinkles.

Since the sun is less aggressive in the fall, it’s a better time to use products that usually cause sun sensitivity, such as retinols.

With the lower temperatures, you may want to use an oil-based nighttime moisturizer to replenish lost moisture. Always choose a product that nourishes skin with essential vitamins, particular A, C and E, but also allows your skin to breathe.

How do I maintain a healthy balance in my skin?

Daily cleansing, toning and moisturizing will help maintain your ideal pH, while a daily SPF and weekly exfoliation will maintain tone and texture.

The pH of skin should be between 4.4-5.5 to maintain a healthy acid mantle (the oil-water layer on the surface of your skin that protects the skin while retaining moisture). Drink plenty of spring water (which has a neutral pH of 7) and eat healthy, alkaline-based foods, such as cucumbers, spinach and bananas.

Which skincare products should I use in the fall vs. what I used in summer?

Most people get oilier in the summer, while others can get drier. Skincare products that are used in summertime, such as gel moisturizers or acne-based medicated cleansers, may be used less or even changed out for more hydrating, repairing products. Ones to try:

  • Dermaestheitics Purifying Glycolic Cleanser Foam with 3% Glycolic Acid contains aloe vera, Vitamin E and allatonin and is ideal for normal, combination or oily skin. A glycolic-based cleanser helps to maintain cell turnover and can be used accordingly: daily use is recommended, but use only once a day and rotate it with a non-exfoliating cleanser to avoid excessive dryness.
  • PCA Skin Face Wash also contains glycolic and aloe to help maintain the pH of skin.
  • Dermaesthetics Caviar Eye Repair Gel repairs the delicate under-eye area with this cocktail treatment of Vitamins C, E and K, caviar extract (an antioxidant), chamomile, and astaxanthin (also and antioxidant).
  • PCA Skin A and C Synergy Serum contains Vitamins A and C, lactic and kojic acid, licorice root and L-ascorbic Vitamin C to help maintain and promote a glowing skin texture and tone.
  • PCA Hydrator Plus SPF 30 contains sheer zinc oxide which offers physical protection and less likely to irritate.

Feel like your skin needs an autumn makeover but don’t know where to start? Contact me and I’ll help your complexion transition smoothly between the seasons!

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