The Power of Peptides: 3 Products That Will Change Your Skin Forever

Peptides, a fancy name for short chain amino acids, are one of the newest innovations in professional skincare. You might be familiar with amino acids as “the building blocks of protein”, body builders and athletes have been ingesting them for years to enhance their physiques and build muscle. In fact, our bodies are made up of thousands of amino acids that help our cells to function in everything that we do. So, what’s that got to do with your skin?

Everything! Let’s take a look at the scientific facts on how these amino acids work in conjunction with your own body to create healthy, gorgeous skin.

How We Age

Collagen is a protein made up of long chain amino acids that sits below the top layers of our skin. It provides structure and elasticity and is what gives our skin a smooth, firm appearance. As we age, collagen gradually begins to breakdown as our bodies no longer produce the peptides necessary to sustain production.

When collagen breaks down, the top layers of skin lose their underlying support and begin to sag and look wrinkled. Certain environmental factors such as sun damage, smoking and alcohol can also damage protein, thus speeding up the body’s process of collagen breakdown.

Peptides to the Rescue!

Our bodies naturally produce about 20 different amino acids. Those amino acids link together to form short chains called peptides. When a peptide chain consists of over 50 amino acids, it forms a protein such as collagen.

However, that’s not exactly how peptides work on your skin. Studies have shown that peptides actually change the membrane structure of skin cells, making it easier to absorb the ingredients in your skincare serums and lotions. In addition, peptides send a message to cells below the top layers of skin, telling them to produce more collagen. The result is that skin can recapture and maintain its youthful appearance in a way that is similar to the results of Botox.

Peptides, work best when applied topically within a cream or serum that contains other active ingredients. This is because most peptide molecules are too large to penetrate the skin on their own but, research shows that when combined with other active ingredients, the molecule is much more effective. That being said, it’s important to only use peptide containing products that are stable and have an appropriate delivery system.

Are Your Peptides Stable?

One of the reasons that peptides work so effectively is because of their ability to easily bond with other molecules, preferably those in your skin. If a peptide is poorly stabilized they will end up bonding with the inactive ingredients in your lotion or serum instead, making them useless. This is one reason why high quality products, such as PCA Skin Exlinea Peptide Smoothing Skin Serum, are worth splurging on.

Consistency is Key

Another factor to keep in mind is the delivery system. Most peptide molecules are too large to penetrate the skin. Instead, they rely on changing the chemical composition of the skin membrane in order to send signals to skin cells below the epidermis. It’s important that the cream, lotion or serum that is being used allows maximum penetration of product and is not too thick. A high quality product will come in a cream or serum that is lightweight and absorbs rapidly into the skin.

Serums That Deliver Serious Results

Peptides are extremely effective at changing the look and feel of your skin and provide a great solution to maintaining clarity and texture in between spa treatments. Significant results can be achieved with peptides; complete freedom from acne, scarring and fine lines to attaining an almost airbrushed look with long term, consistent use. With so many peptide containing products on the market, selecting a high quality product that works can be a bit daunting. Here are our top 3 recommended products for each skin type:

PCA Skin ExLinea Peptide Smoothing Skin Serum

PCA Skin Exlinea Peptide Smoothing Skin Serum uses a powerful peptide called Argireline which works as a muscle relaxant. The effects of Argireline have been likened to those of Botox, except it is applied topically to the skin instead of as an injection.

The results of this peptide are twofold in that it not only helps to smooth out existing lines and wrinkles but, like botox also helps prevent new ones from forming. PCA Exlinea also includes hyaluronic acid and anti oxidants to help your skin retain moisture and slow down the aging process. This product is perfect if you have dry skin and are looking for significant results.

Dermaesthetics Wrinkle Cream

It’s never too early to take action against the signs of aging and Dermaestetics Wrinkle Cream does just that. An effective preventative product, this cream includes gentle peptides that work together to help stimulate the production of collagen, hyaluronic acid and connective tissue in the skin.

Dermaesthetics Wrinkle Cream uses a time release rapid delivery system in conjunction with vitamins A, B, C and E to deliver the best results throughout the day. We recommend this product as part of a preventative regimen for those with sensitive skin.

Lumixyl Skin Brightening Cream

If you thought that all peptides were good for was anti-aging, check out this next product we’d like to introduce you to. Lumixyl is a peptide specifically synthesized to target hyperpigmentation and, it also has its own brand name product line. The beauty of Lumixyl is that it is able to produce results in concentrations as low as 0.01%, making it extremely safe to use yet, still highly effective.

It’s been shown to be more effective than hydroquinone, steroids and retinol, and produces visible results in a fraction of the time. Not bad for a peptide that simply inhibits the body’s synthesis of Tyrosinase, the enzyme that produces melanin. If you suffer from hyperpigmentation, we highly recommend beginning a skin regimen using the entire Lumixyl line of products.

With a high efficacy rate and the ability to produce significant results without invasive measures, there’s no denying the power of peptides.