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7 Stress Free Tips for Perfect Wedding Day Skin

It’s that time of year again, wedding bells are ringing, mom’s across the world are tearing up with joy… and brides are feeling stressed. As little girls, we imagined our wedding day as one of the most magical, beautiful moments of our lives. But, the reality is that the months and days before can be an exercise in sainthood for most of us.

You’ve worked so hard to make your wedding the event you’ve always dreamed of but, is stress getting in your way?

All it takes is an unexpected breakout, puffy eyes or sallow, dehydrated skin to ruin a day of picture perfect memories meant to last a lifetime. That’s why we’ve put together this list of 7 stress busting tips for clear skin that will make sure you wake up ready to put your best face forward on your most special day.

1. Exercise

We know you’re busy but, exercise should be a regular part of your pre-wedding routine. Exercise increases blood flow, which helps bring nutrients and oxygen to your skin cells and helps flush out waste and debris.

Exercise is also a great way to help burn off some of that stress that you’re probably feeling too. Since most acne breakouts in adults are caused by stress, exercise may also help prevent some of those breakouts from happening.


2. Practice a Pre-Wedding Skin Preparation Program

Your wedding is 80% planning and preparation and 20% actually being there in the moment. From the type of grain to use for the invitations to the final touches on the cake, it’s all about the details. With that in mind, there’s one thing that many brides overlook when it comes to their wedding preparation: their skin!

Prepping your skin months in advance is crucial when it comes to making sure that you look your best. Your skin is like a canvas and make up, no matter how well done, always looks best on skin that’s been properly cared for. Choosing a treatment program 3-6 months in advance will help you get smooth, blemish free skin that will look great on your big day and beyond.


"Prepping your skin at least 3 months in advance is crucial to looking your wedding day best.


3. Follow an At Home Skincare Regimen

In addition to prepping your skin, we also recommend following a skincare regimen that is specially formulated for your skin type. A good home care system for your skin is one of the best things that you can do to maintain younger, healthier skin between visits with your aesthetician.

By following a skincare regimen at home, you’ll decrease your likelihood of a last minute breakout and look fresh and glowing, even without makeup.


4. Avoid Alcohol and Sweets

The weeks leading up to your wedding are filled with celebrations, dinners and fun outings, but don’t let stress get the best of you. It’s tempting to binge on sweets or drinks because you’re feeling stressed out or nervous. But, sugar and alcohol won’t be doing your skin too much good.

Sugar and alcohol suck moisture from your system, leaving you and your skin dehydrated. The worst part is, you likely won’t notice it until it’s too late and you’ve got a headache or are craving water. This leads us to tip number 5...


5. Drink More Water

Being dehydrated can lead to all sorts of uncomfortable things happening with your body; achy muscles, nausea, headaches and dry, flaky skin. No one wants to feel that way on their wedding day or any of the days in between.

It’s easy to forget to drink your 8 glasses a day when you’re running around trying to pull everything and everyone together. So, make sure you fill up a water bottle or two before you head out and stay hydrated. You skin will thank you for it.


6. Get Proactive About Acne

The week before your wedding is not the time to try to figure out what to do about the acne along your jawline or your oily t-zone. At best, moderate to severe acne can take 4-6 weeks to get under control and if you are prone to hyperpigmentation, it could take 4 months or more to completely lift the brown spots from your skin.

While it might be tempting to try a new drugstore product to help clear up your skin, keep in mind that most of these are high in fillers and low in active product. Your best bet is to invest in professional care months before your big day.


7. Meditate

Weddings are stressful and stress leads to wacky hormonal changes in our bodies and ultimately, issues with our skin. Take some time out for yourself to enjoy a few moments of peace and quiet with out having to think about your preparations.

Listen to soothing music, try some yoga or just take a walk outside and let your mind go for a while. You might be surprised at how much more relaxed you feel as your big day draws near.

Every bride has her challenges when it comes to planning the perfect wedding but, that doesn’t mean that stress has to take a toll on your skin. Keep these tips in mind as you begin your journey and you’ll master the art of being a bride-to-be with grace and clear, beautiful skin.


How do you plan to keep your skin looking great in time for your big day?  Got any tips, questions or concerns you'd like to share?  Let us know in the comments, we'd love to hear from you!



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