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Acne 101: The Different Types Of Acne

Hormonal Acne

Hormonal breakouts are most likely to occur 7-10 days before your period, when your pores are the smallest. This happens are a result of your estrogen levels decreasing and your testosterone levels increasing, causing an increase in sebum production. Additionally, your progesterone levels increase, causing your pores to constrict.

What does this mean? In a nut shell, the week before your period, you have an increase in oil production combined with constricted pores that cause you to break out.

It's super important that your home care regimen includes proper cleansing, exfoliation, topical treatments including BHA's and retinols and appropriate hydration to prevent these hormonal breakouts. Monthly professional treatments are also highly recommended to maintain healthy skin.

Most Acne is Hormonal, but there are also other types, including:

  • Cosmetica - trigged by pore clogging ingredients such as make up, laundry detergents and hair products and can lead to break outs. Changing pillow cases nightly, wiping down cell phones daily and cleaning make up brushes weekly will help to prevent breakouts.
  • Inflammatory - superficial, red and inflamed
  • Bacterial - over production of bacteria in the follicle that flourishes in warm humid environment
  • Asphyxiated - surface has rough texture, common in dry environments, and may be caused by drying ingredients such as alcohol without the use of a daily hydrator
  • Cystic - large nodule beneath surface, depth and inflammation can destroys follicle and result in scars
  • Systemic - brought on by disease, illness or meds or other diet related issues

4 Main Causes of Acne

  • Increase in dead skin buildup
  • Increase in oil production
  • Proliferation of p. ance bacteria
  • Inflammation

How To Treat Acne

  • Regular professional treatments “stacking”, peels, microdermabrasion and oxygen therapy
  • My top 12 home care prevention tips here
  • StackedSkincare home products