Ask Kerry: Do I Really Need Eye Cream?

Serious skin care user? Then you’ve probably purchased an eye cream or two in your day. Most beauty blogs, magazines, and retailers agree: eye cream is a nightly step not to be missed. But the more educated beauty consumers become, the more they start to question whether or not that fancy little pot is entirely necessary. Here are the burning eye cream questions some of you have been asking me lately.

What’s the argument for using eye cream?

The evidence for eye cream revolves around a simple fact: the skin around your eyes is far thinner and more delicate than the other skin on your face, and therefore warrants special treatment. At its heart, this is a fair argument. Just as the skin on your neck deserves special attention, so too does the fragile skin around your eyes. Most women begin experiencing signs of aging in this area first because of a combination of genes, lifestyle, and repeated folding of the skin when they squint and smile. The area is prone to dehydration, but generally requires lighter moisturizers because of the risk of milia—tiny, white, difficult-to-remove bumps that can be caused by using rich moisturizers around the eye area. In short, it’s a pretty high maintenance spot on your face!

What is the difference between eye cream and face cream?

While the difference in formula varies from product to product, in general, eye creams contain a higher concentration of anti-wrinkle ingredients like antioxidants and retinol than your standard face cream. While you might assume that an eye cream is richer than a face cream,eye creams often fall somewhere in the middle of the texture spectrum—lighter than a super-dense night cream, but heavier than your standard gel.

So, do I really need it?

The short answer is no. While adding an eye cream to your arsenal certainly can’t hurt, in my opinion, it’s not an essential. I far prefer that my clients choose serums (that are loaded with powerful anti-wrinkle ingredients) over eye creams. In fact, I personally don’t even own an eye cream. Why buy another product when I can use what I have for multiple purposes?

Instead of using eye cream, I dab my serums under my eyes morning and night and follow with my Collagen Boosting Micro-Roller a few times a week. My serums are active enough and moisturizing enough to deliver all the anti-aging nutrients the area needs without overwhelming the tender skin. The micro-needling tool actually helps stimulate collagen and cell turnover, and is far more effective at treating crow’s feet and under eye bags than any eye cream I’ve ever tried. To seal in the benefits of the serums, I apply my face cream as usual and just gently tap whatever is left on my fingertips under my eyes. This helps replenish the lipid barrier without saturating the skin with rich moisturizers that can cause milia and puffiness.

More questions about eye cream? Don’t hesitate to reach out in the comments.