Holiday Skincare Survival Guide

Your skin goes through a lot from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Eve. Here’s a quick survival guide to help you solve all your holiday skincare woes--even when you’re pressed for time.

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De-puff Before Pictures

First, roll an ice cube or Ice Roller across clean skin for 1-2 minutes.

Then, apply a cold, wet green tea bag over each eye for 15 minutes.

Finally, dab on some of our Firming Eye Complex and gently roll with our Micro-Roller under your eyes.

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Prevent Stress Breakouts

• Have a light meal before holiday parties so you’re not tempted to stress-eat processed foods, which have been linked to breakouts.
• Exfoliate once per week with our TCA Multi-Acid Face Peel to clear away dead skin cells. If you’re acne-prone, use our Dermaplaning Tool before the peel to further prevent breakouts.
• Wash your face morning, evening, and after working out with a salicylic acid cleanser to control oil and bacteria.
• Balance your cortisol (a breakout-inducing stress hormone) with a daily 30-minute sweat session. Bonus points for an activity like yoga with a meditation component.
• Even though you’re party hopping, try to get at least 7-8 hours of sleep each night to prevent breakouts. Lack of sleep can stress your body and trigger breakouts.

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Get Smoother-Looking Makeup

1.The night before, dermaplane away dead skin and peach fuzz with our Dermaplaning Tool.
2. Next, apply our TCA Multi-Acid Face Peel. No need to rinse! This peel self-neutralizes.
3. The next morning, cleanse as usual and then apply our Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Serum or moisturizer 15 minutes before your makeup to create a hydrated base.

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Glow From the Inside Out

• Start your day with as many fruits and veggies as possible. We love green smoothies with spinach, banana, avocado, and flaxseed. Blend with ice and a milk substitute like coconut, hemp or almond milk.

• Drink alcohol moderately and follow every cocktail with a glass of water. Reach for drinks low in sugar if you can.

• Follow an anti-inflammatory diet 80% of the time, and let yourself indulge 20% of the time.

• Hydrate! Flavor your water with citrus, or make a big pot of caffeine-free herbal iced tea (we love peppermint) to motivate yourself to drink throughout the day.

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Zap a Zit Before A Party

First, cleanse your face. Then, use our High Frequency Device to kill bacteria trapped inside the pore.

Follow with a growth factor serum like our EGF Activating Serum to speed healing time.

Finally, calm redness by rolling our Ice Roller across the inflamed area.

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Get Mistletoe-Ready Lips

First, use our Hydrating Lip Peel to dissolve dead skin cells and prevent chapping.

Follow by rolling our Micro-Roller over your lips horizontally, vertically and diagonally to maintain healthy collagen.

Then, apply a thin layer of lip balm to hydrate lips and create a barrier between drying lip products.

Add lip color on top of lip balm for a super smooth finish.

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Keep Your Hands Soft & Silky

• Use our TCA Multi-Acid Body Peel on the backs of your hands once per week to remove dry skin and diminish the look of dark spots.

• Apply a lightweight hand cream with SPF after washing your hands to prevent chapping and sun damage.

• After applying your nightly skincare routine, pat excess product left on your palms onto the backs of your hands.

• Dab a little cuticle oil on your nails before bed to prevent hangnails.

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Get a Radiant Body Glow

• Prevent bacne by cleansing your back with a salicylic acid cleanser after rinsing out your conditioner--hair product residue can clog your pores.

• Exfoliate at least 1-2 times per week to treat and prevent body acne, dryness, and inflammation. After showering and drying off, apply our TCA Multi-Acid Body Peel to exfoliate dull skin, dislodge clogged pores, and soften body bumps. Don’t apply moisturizer and leave the peel on overnight.