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How to Take Care of Your Skin at the Gym

While exercise is great for mind, body, and especially your skin, there are simple steps everyone should take after your daily sweat sesh to avoid breakouts and blackheads. A workout that leaves you breathless also leaves your skin flushed, sensitive, and covered in sweat and bacteria. I’m all for hitting the gym to stay healthy and fit, but don’t forget to reward your skin for all its hard work, too!

First, Remove Your Makeup

I get it: it’s hard enough to find time to work out, so adding another step to your pre-gym routine may seem impossible. However, wearing a full face of makeup to the gym can do more harm than the “good” of saving an extra minute. When you work out, makeup can prevent sebum and sweat from escaping from your pores, causing breakouts. Pack a travel size gentle cleanser in your gym bag and make sure to thoroughly cleanse your skin before working out.

Skip the Scrub

A hot, sweaty face may not look great, but all that extra circulation does wonders for your skin health. However, post-workout skin is also especially delicate and prone to microabrasions, so using a gentle cleanser instead of a harsh exfoliant is a better option to refresh your skin. I’ve said it a million times, so one more can’t hurt: scrubs irritate your skin, especially in its sensitive, flushed state. In a rush? Save yourself some time by cleansing in a lukewarm (not hot!) shower to calm red skin.

Trade the Towels

Another way to save time and increase the effectiveness of your gym skin routine is by packing bacteria-resistant bamboo face towels instead of using the questionable gym towel. These super gentle towels help remove residue and preserve moisture, making them perfect for all skin types (especially acne-prone). Plus, they’re softer and gentler on flushed skin than the rough versions available at most gyms. Carry one of these absorbent towels with you to wipe away sweat as you work out. Each pack comes with seven towels, so you’re set for the week!

Don’t Forget the Serum!

After cleansing, use my gentle EGF Activating Serum to reduce redness. This serum includes natural vegan proteins that reduce blemishes while promoting collagen production. Applying this serum with my Collagen Boosting MicroRoller will increase your skin’s post-workout glow.


Before, during, and after your workout, it is imperative that you hydrate! Water revitalizes skin cells, reduces wrinkles, and flushes out pollutants. As you sweat, your body loses essential hydration, so be sure to drink extra water each day you hit the gym. If you’re especially active or sweaty, consider an electrolyte-replacing option immediately after your workout, but don’t skimp on the H2O the rest of the day!

How’s your workout affecting your skin? Let me know in the comments, so I can help you maximize your routine!