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Chlorine + Saltwater: How to Beat the Drying Effects of a Summer Swim

Feeling Dry? Between summer sun, drying AC, and layers of sunscreen, your skin can take a beating during warmer months. Another skin threat to add to that list? Your summer swim. If you’re heading to the beach or pool to cool down, there are some things you should do to protect your skin from that refreshing dip.
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Ask Kerry: How Do I Determine My Skin Type?

You always make suggestions based on skin type. Problem: I have no idea what type of skin I have! How do I figure it out?

Take this test to discover your skin type and how best to care for your complexion.

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Is Your Facial Mist Drying Out Your Skin?

Despite your best efforts to create a glowing complexion, sometimes the way you use products can counteract their benefits. This is the case with facial mists, a product many people swear by because of their ability to tackle dryness with a simple spray. There are many reasons to add mists to your routine, but using them incorrectly can reduce their effectiveness. Here are the facts you need to know.

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In the Balance: Understanding Skin pH

Remember when you dipped little pH testing sticks into all kinds of household liquids to determine where they fell on a scale from basic to acidic? You might have thought those days were behind you, but if you’re a skincare junkie, you’ve probably noticed plenty of brands conjuring the spirit of Chem 101, claiming that their cream, serum, or peel helps balance your skin’s pH. So how do you make sure your skin’s pH is floating near the 5.5 sweet spot? Read on for a few tips!
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Four Weeks to Springtime Skin

My number one skin goal before spring starts? Transforming my winter skin from dry and scaly to soft, smooth, and hydrated.  Read on to find out my tips!
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