Three Tips to Make Your Skin Look Younger

I’m not a big believer in anti-aging miracle creams that claim to transform you into your former self overnight. The fact is that all skin changes take time. The skin is on its own natural regeneration timeline, and while we can work with it and speed it up to some extent, overnight results aren’t really possible.

Most skincare products take at least 4-8 weeks to make a dramatic difference.

That said, while you start an anti-aging regimen and wait to see the results, there are a few things you can do to make yourself look younger in the meantime. Read on for a few of my best tips to keep your skin young looking!


Lighten Up Your Dark Spots

While most people think wrinkles and sagging are the real aging culprits, dark spots are actually a huge factor in skin looking older than it really is. Uneven pigment is usually a delayed marker of years spent sunbathing—a giveaway that your 20s are behind you. Many of my clients are amazed how much younger they look once we lighten up their dark spots. To do so, use a peel like my TCA Multi-Acid Face Peel at least twice a week to help break up the melanin deposits in your skin. An exfoliating tool like my Collagen Boosting Micro-roller or Dermaplaning Tool will also help lighten these babies up. You should start to see gradual fading within a few weeks.Don’t forget sunscreen! Unprotected sun exposure will actually make your dark spots darker,especially when you’re regularly exfoliating.


Don't Be Afraid of Dewy

Another major aging factor? Dryness. A lot of people still use drying, oil-fighting products well into their 40s even though the skin usually doesn’t need anything quite so serious. As we age,our natural oil production decreases, which can leave skin with a sort of dull, gray look. Dryness also exacerbates the appearance of fine lines because dry cells begin to build up in the wrinkles, making them look worse than they really are. My advice? Don’t be afraid of looking a little dewy. You should be exfoliating and using a hydrating serum like my HA Hydrating Serum to draw moisture into the skin. But if your skin is extra-dry, you might also consider adding a lightweight face oil to give your skin a youthful sheen and lock in all that moisture. Think about it: teenagers and 20-somethings have a little bit of a glossy look. Let your natural oils shine instead of covering them up with mattifying powders, which can settle in fine lines.


Plump It Up

Another thing that starts to go as we get older is our facial plumpness. This is mostly due to decreased collagen and elastin production. But you can also thank good old dehydration for a less-than-firm look. To stimulate healthy collagen and elastin in the long term, you should use my Collagen Boosting Micro-roller along with an anti-aging serum like my EGF Activating Serum. But in the short term, you can give your skin a plumper,firmer look by making sure it’s full of water. To do this, I recommend using a humidifier in your room at night. The extra moisture in the air will prevent water from evaporating out of your skin—giving your complexion a plumper, juicier look.