Get Rid Of Under-Eye Bags & Crow’s Feet
tca mutli acid face peel
Step 1


Using a face fan brush, apply the TCA Multi-Acid Face Peel under your eyes to minimize dullness and dark circles. Formulated with a careful balance of five acids, this gentle peel softens crows feet and brightens dark spots. This peel self neutralizes so there’s no rinsing, no downtime, and no irritation.

Step 2


Once the TCA Peel is dry, using your fingers apply one drop of Firming Eye Complex on, under and around each eye. Chrysin and n -hydroxy-succinimide visibly lighten dark circles, while Vitamin E and advanced peptides deeply hydrate, reducing wrinkle depth.

Step 3


Immediately after applying Firming Eye Complex, gently roll the Micro-Roller below eyes and on Crow’s Feet vertically, horizontally and diagonally. The skin around your eyes is very thin and delicate. When you see dark circles you’re actually just seeing the blood pool around your eyes through the skin. By micro-needling, you’re putting collagen production into overdrive and literally thickening that skin. Doing so makes the blood less visible and fills in your lines.

ice roller
Step 4

Reduce Puffiness: Use Ice Roller Under Eyes

Remove your Ice Roller from the freezer and roll it over your under-eye bags to calm inflammation and alleviate puffiness.

For desired results, follow the above Stack steps 1x a week. Can use steps 2-4 three times a week, without the TCA Peel.