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Luscious Lips Stack
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For thinning, feathering, and loss of collagen

Plump, soften, and smooth your lips with this three step anti-aging lip stack. Lip-softening Hydrating Lip Peel dissolves rough, dry skin with edible-grade ingredients like lactic and glycolic acids. Natural fruit extracts and pure sugar cane moisturize and gently resurface lips, leaving them soft, supple, and silky. Including our Collagen Boosting Micro-Roller and our ultra-moisturizing HA Hydrating Serum to stimulate elastin and hydrate skin, this nourishing trio encourages healthy collagen for youthful, firm, baby-soft lips. 

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All products are vegan and gluten-free.

$ 163.00

·      Dissolves dry, dead skin

·      Softens and resurfaces lips

·      Smooths away roughness and chapping

·      Encourages healthy cell turnover to fight signs of aging

·      Stimulates collagen and elastin

Lip Peel:

· Glycolic Acid: Exfoliates and dissolves dead skin

· Lactic Acid: Hydrates and softens dry areas

· Apple Fruit Extract: Nourishes skin with powerful antioxidants

· Green Tea Extract: Contains polyphenols that prevent skin aging


HA Hydrating Serum

·      Hyaluronic Acid: Pulls moisture into the epidermis to plump and hydrate

·      Trehalose: Derived from the Resurrection Plant, this plant sugar deeply hydrates skin

·      Niaminicide: Improves skin elasticity and prevents epidermal water loss