Membership Tiers



You’ll automatically start off as a Bronze Rewards Member




Become a Gold Rewards Member after you’ve spent $750+ in a 12 month period




Become a Platinum Rewards Member after you’ve spent $2000+ in a 12 month period


how to earn points
Points per every dollar spent
1 Point
2 Points
3 Points
Extra Points Events
Enrollment Bonus Points
50 Points
50 Points
50 Points
Follow Us on Instagram
50 Points
50 Points
50 Points
10% Off Auto Replenishment Orders
Extra Points on Subscriptions
1 Point Per $1
2 Points Per $1
3 Points Per $1
Free Shipping
On Orders $75+
On Orders $75+
On Orders $75+
Like Us on Facebook
50 Points
50 Points
50 Points
Share a Product or Learn Post
25 Points
25 Points
25 Points
Referral Purchase
1 Point Per $1 Referral Spends
1 Point Per $1 Referral Spends
1 Point Per $1 Referral Spends

Redeem Points:

StackedRewards points directly translate into currency. Every 100 points turns into $5 cash credit value to be used at For example:

200 Points 400 Points 1000 Points
$10 Off $20 Off $50 Off



Program Information

What is StackedRewards?
StackedRewards is the loyalty program for This program allows you to earn points for purchasing online, reviewing products and much more. The points can be redeemed for rewards.
Who is eligible to join?
StackedRewards is offered only in the United States (“US”) (excluding, without limitation, all other US territories and overseas military installations) to individuals who are 16 years of age or older. Persons under the age of 18 (“Minors”) must obtain their parents’ or legal guardians’ consent prior to participation. By submitting an application for StackedRewards, you agree (or, if you are a Minor, your parent or legal guardian agrees) to be bound by these Rules. To enroll in the StackedRewards, you must provide your first name, last name, mailing address, and phone number. When registering for StackedRewards you agree to only register one (1) account for the purpose of accruing or earning Points.
What does it cost?
Enrollment is free. Simply shop and get rewarded for it.
How do I enroll?
To enroll, create an Account on During each site visit, make sure you are logged into your account to earn points for sharing. During checkout, be sure you are logged in so your purchases will automatically be credited to your member account.
Is StackedRewards a Credit Card?
No. It is a free program that offers you benefits for you purchases. Earn points every time you shop and redeem points for cash value and/or discounts on products.
Are there requirements for becoming a member?
You must be at least 16 years old to enroll in the program.

Managing My Account Profile

I forgot my password. Where can I find it?
Click here to reset your password.
Can I change my profile name?
Yes! You can change your name in the Account Dashboard.
How can I view my points balance?
To view your balance and activity, log in to your Account on Once you are logged in, click on the Reward Points tab. You will find a detailed list of all program activity and the points you have accrued for each action.
Is there a place where I can report a problem or make a suggestion?
Please contact our Customer Service department with any questions by emailing
What is the StackedRewards termination policy?
StackedRewards may terminate at any time at the Website Owner’s sole discretion, upon notice of termination. Notice of termination shall be provided to Users in the manner the Website Owner deems reasonable, including but not limited to, posting such notice on the Website, Facebook application or blog.
What happens to my Points upon termination?
Points may expire, subject to applicable law. Users must redeem and use all Points before expiration or the effective date of termination. However, notice of early termination shall not be provided for any actions, petitions or adjudications associated with bankruptcy, insolvency, assignments to creditors or material business interruptions of the Website Owner. Points cannot be earned after StackedSkincare Rewards is terminated. Unless prohibited by law, unused Points shall be forfeited upon termination of StackedSkincare Rewards. A User may terminate participation by notifying the Website Owner at HELLO@STACKEDSKINCARE.COM, and upon such termination, the User may use Points accumulated up to the date of termination.

Earning Points

How do I earn points?

Subject to change, Users may earn a certain number of Points when you shop online at the Website, review purchases, and refer friends. Points translate into a currency that can be used to purchase any product at Point-earning activities are fully described in the program overview above or through a particular promotion through which a User is invited to participate. Points shall be deposited in your account at a commercially reasonable time after they are earned. Any inquiries regarding Points not correctly deposited must be received by the Website Owner within ten (10) business days of the date of alleged accrual of Points. Points are not transferable. However, through our referral points program, you can send friends your StackedSkincare personal discount code as noted below for their first purchase.

Points are not awarded for gift cards, shipping or delivery charges, discounts, taxes, and fees. Custom priced orders are not eligible to earn Points. The qualifying purchase amount is the amount paid at checkout after application of all promotions, coupons and Rewards redemption. Amounts spent on gift cards, shipping or delivery charges, discounts, taxes, and fees do not count toward earning Points.

There are the following limitations on the number of points you can earn:

  • All points expire 365 days from purchase date
Are there membership levels in the Rewards program?
Yes. Once you spend $750 in a calendar year, you will be upgraded to Gold Status. Once you spend $2000 in a calendar year, you will be upgraded to Platinum Status.
Is there a limit to the number of points I can earn?
Yes, there are some limitations on the number of points you can earn. See chart above.
Why do I not see all of my points?
When you earn points for certain activities, the points will initially appear as pending. They only become available as redeemable points after the specified pending period has passed, usually up to 72 hours. You can view your pending and current point balance in your account dashboard. Log in to your Account and go to Reward Points. There you can view your approved and pending points.
Do my points expire?
Points expire 365 days after the date they were earned, or as otherwise subject to applicable law.
How do I know if I have points expiring?
Your Reward Points tab in your Account Dashboard displays the dates when your Points were accrued. You will receive an email notification at the beginning of the month informing you which of your points will expire.
How do I redeem points?
To redeem your points for rewards, login to your Account and shop  When you are ready to checkout, proceed to Checkout. If you qualify for a reward, you may select a reward to redeem on the Rewards tab. Upon clicking “Apply” you will then see your reward savings subtracted from your subtotal. Proceed and click “Checkout” to redeem your reward and complete your purchase.
Do all my purchases count towards my points?
You earn points for all of our products. However, gift cards, shipping charges, discounts, taxes, and fees are not eligible for points. See StackedRewards Terms & Conditions for complete details.
Will I receive any birthday gifts?
Yes, if you provide us with your birthday, you will receive double points on 1 purchase during your birthday month.
What happens to my points when I return an item?
Your points, base and bonus, are deducted from your points balance.

Terms & Conditions

The FAQ are subject to the full Stacked Rewards Terms and Conditions. Points are not given for shipping cost & are not redeemable on shipping costs. No other coupon code valid when redeeming reward points. Restrictions may apply. Email with questions or for more information.


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