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Bye-Bye Razor Burn And Bumps

Razor burn is the worst. You know those painful, red bumps that sometimes appear after you shave? Sadly, some of us are just more prone to this nasty little rash. Learn how to prevent red bumps after shaving. Follow these simple steps to make sure you’re shaving in a way that pampers your ultra-sensitive skin.



Moisturize Before You Shave

Most people know to moisturize after shaving, but I actually recommend slathering yourself in some body lotion before you shave as well. Razor burn occurs when the blade chafes the top layer of skin as it’s skimming along. By moisturizing before you shave, you add a protective layer of emollients that cushions the friction between your skin and the razor. It goes without saying that razor burn is worse when you’re using a dull blade, so make sure to keep it sharp!

Warm Up the Hair

Give yourself at least 5 minutes in the shower before you reach for your razor. Hair that’s been softened with warm water is easier for the blade to shave than dry hair. Plus, your skin has had the chance to absorb some moisture if you let it steam before you shave.

Use a Rich Shaving Cream or Gel

Most people who suffer from chronic razor burn find that shaving foams fall short. Many versions simply don’t contain enough emollients to really protect the skin. I recommend trying a foaming gel, which is generally richer than plain foam. Some people also swear by a thick layer of hair conditioner. Hair conditioner contains oils and silicones that can help protect skin. Just remember that the more emollient your shave aids, the more often you need to rinse the blade to prevent dulling build-up.

If your skin is sensitive to razor burn and bumps, use a gentle touch when shaving. Lightly skim the blade across your skin with very little pressure. If you missed a spot, you can go back over the area gently until all the hair is gone.

Oil Up After

Hands off the lotion! Instead of using your favorite body butter post-shave, try a body oil. Many lotions are full of ingredients that can irritate and sting broken skin—making razor burn look redder and angrier. Body oils, on the other hand, usually contain minimal ingredients and will help soothe the skin.


Peel to Prevent

Want to prevent razor burn bumps and razor burn? Look no further than my TCA Multi-Acid Body Peel. It contains gentle natural acids that dissolve dead skin cells. Using a body peel like this one will prevent the sharp edges of shaved hair from becoming trapped under dry skin cells—the start of an ingrown hair. Using a peel once or twice a week will also prevent razor burn by eliminating dry skin that can cause shaving irritation. Just don’t use the peel directly after you shave to avoid stinging.

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