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My Eczema Journey

Since childhood, I battled severe eczema, a relentless struggle that began at just 5 years old. By the time I was 8, it had spread to my eyes and lips, making me feel, ugly, isolated and insecure.

A Persistent Battle

Most people see relief from eczema around age 10, but for me, it was just the beginning. My condition worsened, requiring monthly steroid shots, Prednisone, up all night with ice gel packs, and even Xanax to curb nighttime scratching. At this time, I was working in the tech industry at Microsoft and then DoubleClick by Google.

Confronting MRSA

In 2008, I woke with excruciating elbow pain, leading to a shocking discovery of a severe MRSA infection in my left arm. Hospitalized for five days, I endured intense pain, unable to use my left arm for three months. More MRSA infections followed, leaving me unable to walk for two months. Determined to find solutions, I began experimenting in my kitchen.

The Transformation

Realizing I needed to address my own problem and help others, I pursued an aesthetician's license at the age of 40, leaving behind my tech career. During my training, I acquired a cutting-edge Dermalinfusion machine and practiced on friends. With my license in hand, I combined this technology with other modalities and active ingredients, laying the foundation for my skincare philosophy and StackedSkincare brand.

Building StackedSkincare

I've built this business from the ground up, investing my passion, creativity, and problem-solving skills. My goal is to help clients achieve their best skin and create custom formulations and tools for home use, preventing others from enduring the pain I faced. Thank you for taking the time to hear my story!