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How The Dermaplaning Tool Is Different From A Regular Razor

Written by Kerry Benjamin

How The Dermaplaning Tool Is Different From A Regular Razor

Don’t be deceived--even though dermaplaning is often called “facial shaving,” your razor won’t give you the same results. Here’s how our Dermaplaning Tool is different from a regular razor and why you need it to achieve instantly brighter, smoother skin.


Dermaplaning is an excellent physical exfoliation treatment that removes the outer most layer of dead cells to reveal brighter, healthier-looking skin. It also removes peach fuzz, creating a smoother and more radiant complexion. While shaving with a regular razor might remove some dead skin cells, it provides much more inconsistent results because razors aren’t designed to remove dead skin--they’re designed to remove thicker hair. Dermaplaning evenly exfoliates your face, revealing more luminous skin while allowing your skincare products to penetrate more effectively and makeup to go on more smoothly.


In-office dermaplaning procedures use a single edge #10 scalpel blade that skims the surfaceof the skin to more effectively remove dead skin than a regular razor. Regular razors often have multiple slanted blades that are duller than those found in a dermaplaning tool. Going over the same area with multiple duller blades can cause abrasions, razor burn and injury to the skin.Our DERMAPLANING TOOL is designed to recreate the gentle exfoliation depth achieved during an in-office treatment while being safe for at-home use.


Our DERMAPLANING TOOL is designed with safety in mind. It features a single edge blade witha beveled plastic piece wrapped around the tip. The beveled tip helps you place the blade at the right angle on your skin, which gives you better results and ensures that you will not knick yourself during use. Its ambidextrous metal handle is designed to help you achieve short, feathery strokes that are both gentler and safer for your skin than strokes achieved with a razor. Use our standard blades for all-over exfoliation or reach for our Precision Dermaplaning Blades for detailed exfoliation around tricky areas like the brows, nose and upper lip. 


About the Author


Kerry Benjamin, a licensed aesthetician, has over 12 years of experience. Kerry is the driving force behind StackedSkincare. As the company's CEO, Kerry has dedicated her career to revolutionizing skincare. Her innovative approach combines peels, serums, and specialized tools toeffectively address a wide range of skin concerns. CA LE license number Z98459.