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Should You Be Double Cleansing?

Written by Kerry Benjamin

Should You Be Double Cleansing?

In case you haven’t heard, one of skincare’s latest trends is double cleansing— the practice of using two different cleansers to wash your face. Although it’s a recent craze here in the U.S., double face cleansing isn’t new. It’s long been practiced by Korean women and recommended by aestheticians to make sure that skin is completely free of makeup before applying serums. With the rising popularity of the Korean skincare regimen, this trend has gone mainstream.

The practice of double cleansing is so much more than just washing your face twice. It centers around rinsing with two different but complementary cleansers. First, you use a cleansing oil to melt makeup and oil. Then, you use a gentle, non-foaming cleanser (either gel or cream) to remove any lingering impurities. The result is super clean skin that is more receptive to powerful serums.

So how do you know if you should be double cleansing? Read on for a few signs that you should try this new trend.

If you...

have sensitive skin

If you have sensitive skin, you might have noticed that your super mild, sensitive-friendly cleanser doesn’t really work quite as well as the ultra-foamy stuff. While creamy, mild cleansers are better for sensitive skin, they don’t always do enough to fully remove makeup and oil.Before you reach for a stripping solution, try double cleansing. Beginning with a non-drying cleansing oil will get rid of all that makeup while the second cleanser will help remove residual oil. No drying soap needed.


If you...

wear heavy makeup

If you wear lots of heavy makeup, your cleanser may not be doing enough to get your skin clean. Remaining oil and pigments left over from makeup can clog pores and encourage bacterial growth as you sleep, so it’s important to get skin really clean before bed. To test the power of your cleanser, wipe your face with toner after you wash. If you see anything left on the cotton pad, you might want to consider double cleansing.


If you...

live in a city

If you’re a city-dweller, you may want to wash your face twice regardless of your skin type or makeup-wearing tendencies. People who live in cities are exposed to more aging pollution throughout the day. Particulates from car exhaust, cigarette smoke, and industrial pollution cling to your skin and can cause wrinkles, inflammation and dryness. Double cleansing can help rid the skin of these lurking nasties before bed. To find out more about how to fight pollution, check out our blog about preventing pollution-related aging.


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