Strong Skin
is Balanced Skin
What do dryness, redness and acne all have in common? They’re signs of a compromised skin ecosystem, caused by harsh blemish treatments, stripping cleansers, and over-exfoliation. Gentle fruit enzymes, creamy oil-absorbing clay and prebiotic-infused moisturizers can help restore skin strength so skin feels and looks clear, calm, and hydrated.
Mask to deeply detox pores Mask to deeply detox pores
Mask to deeply detox pores
Squeezing your pores can drive bacteria & oil deeper. Detox clogged pores with the oil-absorbing power of clay and gently exfoliate dead skin with fruit enzymes instead of acids for softer, clearer skin.
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Hydrate to restore your
skin microbiome
Acne, redness and dryness can all be caused by a compromised skin microbiome. By feeding the skin’s good bacteria, prebiotics help rescue skin from irritation so it becomes stronger and clearer.
Hydrate to restore your <br>skin microbiome Hydrate to restore your <br>skin microbiome
Dual Enzyme Clay Mask
Dual Enzyme Clay Mask
This revolutionary hybrid mask combines the benefits of a pore-purifying treatment with the resurfacing benefits of a fruit enzyme peel.
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Amazonian White & Bentonite Clay
A blend of two mineral-rich clays
that have been used for centuries to absorb excess sebum, draw out pore impurities, and gently exfoliate the skin’s surface.
Papaya & Pineapple Enzymes
Natural exfoliants that dissolve the outermost layer of dead skin cells to reveal smoother, fresher-looking skin.
Jojoba Esters
A non-greasy hydrator that supports a healthy skin barrier, reduces the appearance of redness, and minimizes the look of enlarged pores.
Succinic Acid
A non-exfoliating acid derived from amber that supports cellular renewal while hydrating and calming the skin.
Dual Enzyme Clay Mask
Dual Enzyme Clay Mask
Microbiome Rescue <br> Daily Moisturizer
Microbiome Rescue
Daily Moisturizer
Powered by an advanced repair system that creates a veil of breathable moisture on the skin, this lightweight daily hydrator helps feed your skin’s good bacteria so they can fight the bad bacteria that cause acne, sensitivity, and skin reactions.
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Prebiotic Complex
Polysaccharides derived from chicory root that feed the skin’s good bacteria so they can fight off bad bacteria that trigger breakouts and skin sensitivity.
One of the world’s most powerful antioxidants, astaxanthin neutralizes free radicals from blue light to help minimize dark spots and UV/HEV-related damage.
Ceramide Complex
A skin-identical lipid concentrate that restores skin barrier function to minimize redness and irritation while restoring skin softness and health.
Encapsulated Glycerin
A humectant that draws water into the skin 15x more effectively than standard glycerin to dramatically reduce hydration loss.
Microbiome Rescue <br> Daily Moisturizer
Microbiome Rescue <br> Daily Moisturizer
tips for
Clogged pores,
redness, oily,
irritated skin,
dry skin, and acne
Bring your skin ecosystem back to balance
to treat redness, dryness and pore
congestion in just two steps.
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Lather a dime-sized amount of Prebiotic Gel Cleanser in wet hands before applying to damp skin. Gently massage into the skin. Rinse thoroughly. Pat dry with Bamboo Face Towels.
Apply a thin layer of the Dual Enzyme Clay Mask and leave on for 10 minutes or until dry to deeply detoxify clogged pores.
Rinse skin well and pat dry with Bamboo Face Towels
Apply a pea-sized amount of the Microbiome Rescue Daily Moisturizer to the face and neck to restore your skin microbiome.
Sleep tight!