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4 Tips To Prep Your Skin For Holidays

The holidays are just around the corner, and there’s still time to get your skin in shape. Between traveling, the unavoidable stress, and not-so-healthy food indulgences, the holidays can be a rough time for your skin. Prep your complexion for the season before it starts to stay glowing and breakout-free well into the new year.

Get A Pro Peel

A professional peel provides more dramatic exfoliation than an at-home peel and can help give your skin a fresh start before the holidays. If you don’t have a go-to esthetician, don’t fall for Groupon. Instead, reach out to friends for a recommendation. Talk to your esthetician about what kind of peel is right for you. Some professional peels cause noticeable redness and peeling within the first few days after treatment, while others have a more gentle effect. In general, a mixed acid peel with a range of different acids including lactic, kojic, or TCA will give you the best results.

Stack Your Routine

Daily skin maintenance is the most important thing you can do for your skin. In the autumn and winter, exfoliating and hydration are key. The Dermaplaning Tool helps gently resurface the skin, removing dead cells and fine facial hair that can make your skin look duller. Our HA Hydrating Serum helps draw moisture into the surface layers of the skin, protecting your complexion against winter dehydration while plumping fine lines. The MicroNeedling Tool can be used all over the face to stimulate the skin’s healing response and soften fine lines. We especially love to use it around the eye area during the holidays to fight off under-eye puffiness and bags. Finally, the Ice Roller is an amazing tool to have on hand if your skin gets red and puffy. It helps cool and soothe irritated skin, stimulating circulation to help your skin glow.

Cut Back On Inflammatory Foods

Getting your diet in shape before the holidays begin can save your face from inflammation-related breakouts and skin redness. Luckily, it’s not hard to make a positive change. Simply try to cut back on refined sugars, white flours, alcohol, and dairy. These foods are known to trigger an inflammatory response in the body that can show up on your skin. Replace them with an extra serving of vegetables, whole grains, and fruit to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Keep Your Blood Pumping

If you can pull yourself away from that cozy seat in front of the fireplace, you’ll reap the benefits of breaking a sweat. Exercise is a natural stress-buster that can help lower your cortisol levels. Cortisol, a main stress hormone, has been linked to an increase in breakouts. Exercising also helps bring blood to the surface of your skin, which can help boost your overall skin health. Just be sure to remove sweaty clothes and hop in the shower right after a workout. Sweat and oil trapped near your skin can cause body breakouts.

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