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Our customizable at-home acne treatments and prevention tools combine non-irritating exfoliation with healing active ingredients to eradicate bacteria, decongest pores, and quench dehydrated skin.

High Frequency Acne Device
Acne & Blemishes Sale price$130.00
Sold out View MorePortable High Frequency DevicePortable High Frequency Device
Cold Plasma Device
Clogged Pores & Blemishes Sale price$199.00
TCA Face Peel
Dryness & Clogged Pores Sale price$122.00
Enzyme Clay Mask
Acne & Clogged Pores Sale price$49.00
EGF Activating Serum
Acne & Dark Spots Sale price$122.00
TCA Body Peel
Breakouts, KP & Dryness Sale price$109.00
Ice Roller
Contouring & Inflammation Sale price$85.00

Treat and heal acne with innovative treatments and our high-frequency acne device. Enhance your skincare routine with the power of our TCA face peel and discover the ultimate acne solution for a clearer complexion and smoother skin.