A Pro’s Guide To Properly Applying Skincare Products

I'm going to let you in on a little secret. No matter how educated they are on skin care products, most women are under-informed when it comes to proper product application. Knowing the correct amount, type of product and the technique with which to apply it will make a big difference in how well it works. Here is a foolproof cheat sheet for how to apply creams, serums and cleansers like a pro:


Dot On Just A Dime.  When applying product to your face and neck, only use a dime-sized portion.  It’s a common misconception that the more product you apply the better it will work.  Not true - your skin can only absorb so many nutrients and antioxidants.  If you use any more than a dime-size amount you are simply being wasteful, but if you use any less you likely will not get the full benefit of the product.

Order: Thinnest, Thin, Thick, Thicker.  

After you have thoroughly cleansed your skin, apply products in the following order: serums, creams, SPFs.  The idea here is that the thinnest liquid goes on first and you layer on top based on density.  Also, always make sure that you layer water-based products under oil-based products.

Say Yes To Serums.

Serums are a step that many women choose to skip due to the fact that they can be costly.  There is a reason for that: serums are highly concentrated, extremely potent and do a ton to correct your skin. The lesson to be learned here?  Don’t skip the serum!