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4 Important Skincare Habits To Establish In Your 40s
If you’re in your 40s and haven’t started getting serious about skincare, it’s not too late to start. While you might have noticed a line or two in your late 20s with plenty more in your 30s, unfortunately, skin really starts to show signs of skin damage in your 40s. Your skin’s natural repair processes begin to slow and sun damage will begin to surface. It’s not all bad news; while you may have to show your skin some extra love, there are plenty of effective ways to reverse signs of aging and keep your skin glowing.


1. Peel Regularly

After 40, skin cell turnover begins to slow, meaning that your complexion is no longer great at sloughing off dead and dry skin. To keep your skin fresh, you should be using a gentle peel at least once a week. Unlike harsh scrubs, at-home peels evenly remove the top layer of dead skin without causing micro-abrasions and do not peel off your skin like professional-grade chemical peels. Recommendation: TCA Multi-Acid Face Peel

2. Begin Microneedling Every Evening

Even if you spent most of your thirties slathered in sunscreen, you might still begin to notice dark spots popping up. Add a microroller to your routine. It’s a completely safe at-home device that gently pricks your skin to help it rebuild. Recommendation: Microneedling Tool

3. Work It Out:

Get that blood pumping! Nothing helps your skin glow like breaking a good sweat. Sweat contains lactic acid, a hydrating and exfoliating powerhouse that helps skin look brighter and healthier. Try to keep your exercise routine interesting. Try yoga one day to tone and reverse signs of skin stress, cardio the next to increase blood flow to your skin, and weight training to visibly tighten crepey skin. 


4. Nutrition:

It probably comes as no surprise that the body becomes more sensitive to diet as we age. Because the skin is naturally prone to dehydration in your 40s, you should load up on water-dense foods like melon, apples, bell peppers, and cucumbers and drink lots of water. Recommendation: Eat colorfully! Tomatoes, blueberries, spinach—some of nature’s most vibrant foods are also the healthiest, nourishing your skin from the inside out with essential antioxidants.


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