How To Get A Younger Looking Neck: Treat & Prevent Tech Neck

What makes this area different from the skin on the face?

1 Just like the skin on the face, the skin on the neck and décolleté is a vulnerable region that shows the usual signs of aging: fine or deep-set lines, loss of elasticity, dryness and discoloration from sun damage.

2 The skin and muscles in our necks are generally thicker and stronger since they support the jawline and head. However, the major muscle in the neck is not actually connected to the bone structure, making it more prone to loss of elasticity.

3 The female bust is formed and composed of different types of tissues: glandular, fat and connective tissue. The breast has no muscles, bands or sinews for support, except for the large pectoral muscles. This lack of additional structural support can cause the skin to lose firmness over time.

4 In both the neck and décolleté, there is very little fatty tissue and fewer oil glands, which makes both areas more prone to wrinkling and dryness. Also, people who are experiencing hormonal aging (thanks to normal processes like childbirth and menopause) may also notice a difference in the texture and tone of the skin as they get older.

What should I look for in a neck and décolleté treatment? How can I treat and prevent Tech Neck?

At the heart of any good firming neck treatment is exfoliation and hydration. When we activate cell turnover, new healthy skin cells come to the surface and replace older cells that may be showing signs of damage like dark spots, sagging, or lines. Here’s how it works:



By applying a cocktail of gentle acids to the skin, we can help instantly remove dry and dehydrated cells that make the skin look older. These acids munch away at dead cells and bring fresh ones to the surface—thereby initiating the skin’s natural regeneration process. As this process quickens, fine lines begin to soften. Over time, a peel can help lift away pigmented dark spots, which can make a huge difference in the overall appearance of your neck and décolleté.



After using a peel, we follow with the MicroNeedling Tool. Using hundreds of tiny (pain-free!) needles, this device micro-exfoliates the skin. As it rolls over the skin, it kick-starts the body’s healing response. As the skin heals itself, it creates the appearance of firmer, plumper skin.



Like the skin on your face, the skin on the neck and décolleté needs plenty of moisture to remain healthy. As the final step in your regimen, apply a few drops of our HA Hydrating Serum. Hyaluronic acid helps replenish and plump dehydrated skin cells while a gentle dose of lactic acid will continue to diminish the appearance of dark spots and soften fine lines.

Besides using topical treatments, how else can you strengthen this area?
  • Consider targeted exercises for the neck. One to try: Lay flat on a soft blanket, legs flat in front and head propped onto a soft, thin pillow.
  • Slowly lift your head using the neck muscles but not the abdominal muscles, approximately four inches off the floor, hold and then release back onto the pillow.
  • Repeat ten times.
  • Try the same lifting motions with the head facing left and right.
  • When finished, sit up on the blanket and tilt the neck towards the ceiling.