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How Holistic Health Cured This Esthetician’s Eczema

Written by Kerry Benjamin

How Holistic Health Cured This Esthetician’s Eczema

When people ask me what inspired me to make skincare my life, I have one word for them: eczema. I’ve been struggling with itchy, painful, inflamed skin for over 10 years. For those of you lucky ones who don’t suffer from this skin condition, here’s the quick lowdown: eczema is an inflammatory skin disorder that causes rough, red patches of itchy skin that develop blisters. I’ve tried it all—monthly visits to an allergist, nightly skin icing, countless doses of intense steroids. I’ve even been hospitalized twice with MRSA infections caused by my eczema. As one of L.A.’s top estheticians, I have helped cure so many patients of painful conditions like cystic acne. But no matter what I tried, I simply couldn’t cure myself of my eczema—leaving me frustrated and feeling like my skincare knowledge was failing me! While all my treatments and solutions provided temporary relief, I never experienced a total decrease in symptoms until I started looking at my health holistically with a naturopath.

Before I began seeing Dr. McCallister, I didn’t understand what was happening to my body. I had become entrenched in a cycle of treating my symptoms without understanding the actual cause of my skin woes. According to Dr. McCallister, food sensitivities are often a lead culprit in inflammatory skin conditions.

As he explains:

 "Modern medicine has long recognized the connection between skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis and diet. When a person has accurate food sensitivity testing and faithfully removes offending foods from their diet, skin conditions often dramatically improve. I've seen dietary changes provide great results in treating difficult skin issues like acne, rashes, and rough or bumpy skin."

The first step of my holistic health process was assessing my body’s sensitivities. I’d long been told I was allergic to everything from environmental pollutants to mold to a slew of foods. I’d cut out everything I could but to no avail. My initial tests with Dr.McCallister showed that my sensitivities are way more far-reaching than I’d ever known. After a blood test and stool test, I learned that the years of antibiotics and steroids I’d subjected my body to had left me with virtually no healthy bacteria in my gut. Without good bacteria to keep pathogens in check, I’d developed a severe candida overgrowth. With no natural bacterial immune system left, my body had resorted to its last line of defense—inflammation.

With my naturopath’s help, I’m now on the mend. I’m on a series of supplements to kill the candida and eating a very clean, sugar-and-yeast-free diet to keep my inflammation low. I’ve been loading up on fresh veggie bowls with quinoa, chicken,and avocado. I’m sipping on hot chamomile tea to break myself of the coffee and red wine habits that were contributing to my gut imbalance. I’ve even discovered how to make a nourishing smoothie with raspberries, almond milk, and coconut to satisfy my sweet tooth while most fruits are still off limits to me.

Believe me, the relief wasn’t immediate. My body had to undergo a serious candida purging process that left me itchy and exhausted. Now that the candida is nearly gone, I feel my energy returning and see my skin noticeably improving. For the first time in years, I don’t have to take sleeping pills to get through the nightly eczema itch. I’m less irritable and more focused. My skin is softening and once chronic bumps are nearly gone. I’ve even noticed that my skincare seems to be working better—without all the inflammation blocking up my body, I’ve started to see faster results from my topical products.

If this experience has taught me one thing, it’s that this knowledge needs to be shared. Even as a skincare professional, it took me 10 years to find an effective therapy for my eczema. Now, I can’t talk to my clients about my experience enough. My acne clients are especially interested as acne, like eczema, has significant internal connections. I’m now recommending that all my patients suffering from inflammatory skin concerns get a full food sensitivity screening to find out what’s going on in their gut. I want to share my knowledge and learn more about the internal skin link so that I can begin helping my patients with their skin not only on a topical level, but in a holistic way that will lead to lasting relief.

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Kerry Benjamin, a licensed aesthetician, has over 12 years of experience. Kerry is the driving force behind StackedSkincare. As the company's CEO, Kerry has dedicated her career to revolutionizing skincare. Her innovative approach combines peels, serums, and specialized tools toeffectively address a wide range of skin concerns. CA LE license number Z98459.