How The MicroNeedling Tool Compares To Other At-Home MicroNeedling Or Dermarolling Devices

With the right corrective serums, MicroNeedling will brighten your skin to create a youthful glow that you can’t get from other products or at-home treatments. The fact is even if you spent most of your life slathered in sunscreen, you might still begin to notice dark spots and wrinkles popping up. The StackedSkincare MicroNeedling Tool was created to work with your skin and speed up its natural regeneration timeline to see gradual fading of dark spots and wrinkles within a few weeks. See how our tool compares.

1. MicroNeedling Head
The MicroNeedling Tool gently refines and micro-exfoliates the skin using .2mm stainless steel needles. Needles over .2mm can cause damage to your epidermis when not done by a licensed professional and are not for daily at-home use.
✔ Surgical grade roller head
✔ One MicroNeedling Head for face, eyes, neck, and lips
✔ Creates plumper, firmer, more radiant skin
✔ Minimizes the appearance of fine lines and pores
✔ Promotes healthy skin regeneration
✗ No .3mm-.5mm needles that can scar rather than heal skin
✗ No needless additional facial roller heads

2. Power
The MicroNeedling Tool does not require electricity or batteries, which makes it especially easy to travel with and store.
✔ Travel-friendly
✔ No awkward bulk or shape
✗ No misleading modes or vibrations
✗ No costly gimmicks without gain
✗ No clunky charger or messy wires
✗ No broken device from battery wear
✗ Never worry about losing power

3. Design
The MicroNeedling Tool is not only an environmentally sustainable device, but it features an ergonomic design making it particularly easy to hold whether you are right or left handed.
✔ Built to last with a virtually indestructible durable metal handle
✔ Sustainable design
✔ Less waste
✔ Designed by a licensed aesthetician
✔ Delivers spa-like results at home
✔Non-Toxic and Cruelty-Free
✗ No plastic handle
✗ No batteries or replacement chords
✗ No heavy handle
✗ No awkward bulk

4. Aesthetician Created & Approved
StackedSkincare founder and licensed aesthetician Kerry Benjamin has been promoting the benefits of at-home microneedling since 2012
✔ The StackedSkincare MicroNeedling Tool is an advanced at-home tool that is expertly designed, expert-approved, and expert-tested
✔ Developed by a leader in the skincare industry and licensed aesthetician
✔ Uses the highest quality materials
✔ Backed by science
✔ Safe and effective for at-home use
✔ U.S. Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act Certified
✔ Kerry Benjamin suffers from chronic eczema and uses all products in the line to treat herself as well as others
✗ Not developed by a novice
✗ No spokesperson who doesn't use the product themselves
✗ No smoke and mirrors

5. Storage and Travel
Unlike other at-home MicroNeedling devices that take up extra space, our MicroNeedling Tool is slim and comes with a guarded case to protect your RollerHead at home or while away.
✔ Innovatively engineered handle
✔ Easy storage (5.75” length (4.75” length when blade removed), 1.25” width, .375” depth)
✗ No chords and large cases
✗ No wasted space

6. Price
By sticking to only the features you need in an at-home MicroNeedling Tool and stripping away the stuff you don't, we made an affordable tool with a handle you never replace. It is the last handle you will ever need!
✔ $89 handle
✔ Refill roller heads only $30 for two
✗ No costly gimmicks and unproven fads without gain such as vibration or Light Therapy
✗ No forced product purchases to increase cost (ex: samples included)

7. Refills
There is no anti-aging miracle to safely transform you into your former self overnight. The fact is that all skin changes take time. Most skincare products take at least 4-8 weeks to make a dramatic difference. Refill packs not only ensures that you keep a consistent routine for optimal results but most importantly provides safety and proper hygiene of your device.
✔ Ensure sanitization
Needles dull - safety
✔ Snap-In Design
✗ No dull needles that can damage skin
✗ No contamination, bacteria growth
✗ No pricy fees or ripoffs

8. Reviews
What you put on your face is essential, and thousands of MicroNeedling Tool users agree!
✔ Allure "One of The Best New Skincare Products of Nov 2018"
✔ BYRDIE "How I Permanently Removed My Under-Eye Bags"
✔ 86% of users experience more radiant, glowing skin
✔ 82% of users saw an increase in skin plumpness

9. Satisfaction Guarantee & Expert Support
People before products means that our satisfaction guarantee backs all purchases. Our team is online daily and is here to answer any of your skincare concerns and questions.
✔ Dedicated support team including founder Kerry Benjamin herself
✔ Return within 30 days for a refund
✔ Accessible via email and Instagram and Facebook @stackedskincare via direct messenger
✔ Online chat coming soon
✗ No complicated refund policy
✗ No jumping through hoops for help