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Your New Cool Beauty Tool

Introducing The Gel Ice Roller

This relief roller is filled with water and gel, and instantly calms, de puffs, and increases circulation.  It’s and an instant massage for your face that plumps, hydrates and firms.  

They are great for face, neck and decollete to prevent wrinkle formation and create a lifting effect.

Here’s a few amazing uses:

  1. Daily facial; cool your facial skin and muscle daily. It is like exercise for your skin, it helps maintain firmness.
  2. Instant pain relief for itchy skin, sore muscles, hot flashes, etc.
  3. Post cosmetic procedure inflammation
  4. Minor injuries, bruising, redness, irritation
  5. Eyes when you feel fatigue or puffiness
  6.  Smooth skin for better makeup application.
  7. It’s great for men too!  That after shave burn will fade away with this cool miracle massager.
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