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100% Bamboo Face Towels

These absorbent, eco-friendly towels help remove makeup and residue as you cleanse.
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  • Acne/Blemishes
  • Skin Health

  • Helps remove makeup and impurities as you cleanse
  • Repels bacteria and mold
  • Supports skin hygiene better than standard washcloths

Velvety soft and super absorbent, these circular face towels are a hygienic alternative to your standard washcloths. Made from bacteria-resistant bamboo fiber that’s ideal for acne-prone skin, each towel slips over your hand like a glove so you can cleanse the contours of your face. Each set comes with 7 face towels—one for every day of the week—plus a convenient laundry bag so you can store soiled towels between washes.


Apply your favorite cleanser to your face. Wet the bamboo towel, wring it out, and gently wipe away the cleanser. NOTE: Rinse towels of makeup and residue before tossing in the laundry bag. Remove towels from the bag before placing both in the laundry. Wash towels and bag in warm water and dry on delicate. Do not bleach.


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Why You Need These Towels

These sustainable alternative face towels are gentle on skin & the planet. Suitable for all skin types—even sensitive skin.

a note from kerry

I became an aesthetician because of my lifelong battle with eczema. I wanted to help people get past their skin issues that made them feel powerless.

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