Dermaplaning Tool


Brighten, soften, and smooth. You name it and our patented Dermaplaning Tool does it. By safely removing peach fuzz and dead skin, this sleek device reveals a youthful-looking complexion.

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Product Details

This patented design was created to mimic the brightening and skin-smoothing benefits of an in-office dermaplaning treatment with safety features that make it easy for you to use at home. Unlike many tools, our Dermaplaning Tool features replaceable blades that safely remove peach fuzz and dead skin cells for instantly smoother, softer, more luminous skin. By removing dead cell build-up, dermaplaning allows your serums and creams to fully absorb into the skin—boosting the efficacy of the products you already own. With regular use, the tool can help soften the appearance of fine lines and refine visible pores.

Blades should be replaced monthly. Subscribe to our auto refill program for the Dermaplaning Refill Trio.

Key Benefits

  • Removes dead skin and peach fuzz
  • Softens skin and reduces the appearance of fine lines
  • Helps serums and peels penetrate more effectively
consumer results
  • 92%

    Saw an Increase in Skin Smoothness & Softness

  • 88%

    Experienced an Increase in Radiant, Glowy Skin

  • 86%

    Saw a Decrease in Dull, Dry Skin

*Based on consumer evaluation at 12 weeks, when used as directed.


Beginning at the top of the cheekbone near the hairline, hold your skin taut behind the blade and gently glide the dermaplaning tool towards the nose using short strokes. Continue until you have resurfaced the entire cheek and jaw.

Repeat light strokes on the chin, above the lips, and on the forehead. Do not use on eyelids, eyebrows, hairlines, sides of nose, or lips. DO NOT go over any facial area more than twice.

Use up to once a week. Blades should be replaced monthly.

To replace your blade:

  • Before switching out your blades, ensure that the safety sheath is on the blade.
  • Use your thumb and forefinger to squeeze the sides of the head at the base of the blade.
  • Use your opposite thumb to press the top of the blade head down and away from the handle.
  • Discard the old blade and replace it with a fresh one by sliding the top of the handle into the groove at the base of the blade head.

Achieve professional results at home with our Dermaplaning Tool

Follow all instructions and use this dermaplaning at home razor only as intended to prevent injury. Do not apply pressure to the blade. Do not use over broken skin or acne. Avoid the eye area. Discard blades after one month. Keep out of reach of children. Please note that our stainless steel blades contain a very small amount of nickel that may irritate people with severe nickel allergies.

Skin Types

Ideal for all skin types

Skin Concerns

Suitable for all skin concerns except acne

Powerful Design


Allow for maximum blade surface while safeguarding skin from injury


Unique design cuts down on waste and makes it easy to use a fresh blade


Designed to have the perfect weight for blade control

cruelty free


Replaceable Blade
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