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Kerry Benjamin is a licensed esthetician and skincare expert acclaimed by beauty bloggers, celebrities, editors and influencers for her transformative skincare treatments. She has been featured as an expert contributor in major publications including Refinery29, MindBodyGreen, and Byrdie. In 2014, she was also featured as an L.A. Woman Entrepreneur in Darling Magazine.

Kerry’s passion for skincare came at an early age when she began struggling with chronic eczema. Pained and troubled by her condition, Kerry set out to educate herself on the ingredients and methods she could use to heal her skin. After 13 years working in digital media for companies like Microsoft and Google, Kerry decided to make her private passion for skincare a professional calling. In 2010, Kerry opened the StackedSkincare Spa and achieved advanced certifications from PCA Skin, Envy Medical and Mesoesthetics, and International Dermal Institute.

Kerry uses her top tier skincare education and natural intuition to heal and restore the skin’s natural beauty. She believes in a holistic and personal approach, taking time to develop tailored treatments designed to repair even the most troubled complexions. Her custom skin treatments have transformed clients suffering from painful cystic acne, rosacea, eczema and even unsightly dark spots.

With clients clamoring to experience the results of her custom treatments at home, Kerry developed StackedSkincare—her signature product line designed to provide transformative results similar to what she achieves in her popular spa treatments.



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