Why Stack?

The science behind our skincare philosophy
Healthy Skin Starts Within

Most skin concerns begin far beyond what the eye can see. Acne gets its start within the pores, fine lines appear as a result of collagen loss under the surface, and visible dark spots can actually be a sign of deeper skin damage.

Understanding Your Skin Surface

The skin is blanketed by dry, dead cells called the Stratum Corneum, also known as the horny layer. Healthy skin continuously sheds these cells as new ones come to the surface, maintaining a healthy number of dead cells at one time. But troubled and aging skin is less efficient at this shedding process, creating an increasing build-up of dead and damaged skin cells. This build-up not only triggers breakouts and dryness, but also prevents your skin from absorbing active ingredients.

Actives: Only As Effective As Their Ability to Absorb

Scientists have discovered thousands of active ingredients with proven skin benefits. But your skin can only experience those benefits if it can actually absorb the actives. Take hyaluronic acid: it can hydrate skin with up to 1000 times its weight in water. But because of its large molecular size, HA can’t penetrate thick layers of dead skin build-up. The result? Most HA just sits on the surface and dry skin stays dry.

Stacking Drives Actives Deeper

Developed by StackedSkincare founder and aesthetician Kerry Benjamin, stacking is a professional technique of combining facial tools and topical treatments to drive glow-boosting actives deeper into the skin. Stacking treats the skin to multiple forms of gentle exfoliation to help it continuously shed dead, damaged cells. This not only helps active ingredients absorb better so they can work harder, but also increases cell turnover so skin becomes more efficient at repairing damage over time.