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Total Acne Power Stack
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Ideal for Active & Cystic Acne

Experience the transformative benefits of our total acne power stack designed to treat moderate and hormonal acne.  This powerful blend of treatments attacks cystic acne with gentle healing methods designed to alleviate inflammation and soothe skin.

Our gentle TCA Multi-Acid Face Peel contains a powerful combination of five gentle acids and retinol to remove dead skin, lift acne hyperpigmentation, and control blemishes.

EGF Activating Serum relies on the reparative properties of epidermal growth factors—natural vegan proteins that speed up cell turnover and skin healing—to reduce acne scarring while improving visible blemishes.

HA Hydrating Serum with our Invigorating, earthy Eucalyptus concentration restores skin’s healthy moisture balance. 

The High Frequency tool kills acne causing bacteria and inflammation instantly!

The serums will last 3 months using twice daily an the TCA peel will last 3-4 months using 1-2 times a week.

All products are vegan and gluten-free.

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• Gently removes dead and dull skin

• Purifies and decongests pores

• Kills acne-causing bacteria

• Calms and soothes damaged skin

• Speeds blemish healing

• Reduces the appearance of acne scars

• Improves skin radiance and texture 

• Prevents future breakouts

• Increases skin hydration & plumpness

• Reduces swelling and redness

• Hydrates and restores moisture to skin

• Plumps and boosts firmness 


TCA Multi-Acid Face Peel

• Five-Acid Complex: Exfoliates, kills bacteria, battles breakouts, promotes cell turnover, and lightens hyperpigmentation

• Ascorbic Acid: Guards against free radical damage

• Retinol: Minimizes fine lines and boosts collagen


EGF Activating Serum

• sh-Oligopeptide 1: A potent epidermal growth factor that stimulates skin repair

• Plant stem cells: Jumpstart cellular regeneration and skin healing

• Yeast Extract:  Boosts collagen, promotes healing and balances skin

• Aloe Vera, Vitamin E & Vegan Squalene: Moisturize and protect skin


HA Hydrating Serum

• Hyaluronic Acid: Pulls moisture into the epidermis to plump and hydrate

• Trehalose: Derived from the Resurrection Plant, this plant sugar deeply hydrates skin.

• Niaminicide: Improves elasticity and prevents epidermal water loss.

• Lactic Acid: An AHA that hydrates, brightens and gently exfoliates


Begin with freshly cleansed skin. 

Apply the TCA Multi-Acid Face Peel once per week. Using the StackedSkincare fan brush, apply 1-2 layers of product to skin using about ¼-½ of the dropper. Do not remove.   Follow immediately with serum. 

Twice a day, apply 5-7 drops of EGF Activating Serum to face and neck followed by 5-7 drops of the HA Hydrating Serum.   

High frequency can be used daily to treat acne.  Please refer to instructions and video on the product page.

Rinse fan brush and dish with soap and water after each use.