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High Frequency Device Replacement Electrodes-Comb
High Frequency Device Replacement Electrodes-Comb

High Frequency Device Replacement Electrodes-Comb

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This wand stimulates hair follicles and supports scalp balance to maintain overall hair health. | Good For: Acne/Blemishes, Hair Health

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What It Is

This high frequency facial wand promotes blood circulation and kills acne-causing bacteria. Safe for all skin types, this electrode promotes new hair growth and stimulates the hair follicles. Ozone produced helps remove irritants and prevents dandruff and itchy scalp. Please note that this high frequency machine features a U.S. plug. You will need to purchase an adapter if you are using this outside the U.S.

What It Does

  • Safely kills irritants and minimizes inflammation
  • Promotes blood circulation to stimulate the follicle and increase hair health
  • Maintains overall hair health

What To Expect

Slight tingle when applied to skin

Slight Redness for first 30mins after use

Consumer Results

80% saw an increase in healing and a decrease in irritants

100% experienced an increase in skin firmness

100% experienced more radiant, glowing skin & hair

*Based on consumer evaluation at 12 weeks, when used as directed.

How to Use the High Frequency Device

Insert the electrode into the wand and apply the wand to your face. Turn on the device and gradually turn the dial until you feel a slight tingling sensation. Move the wand along the scalp for 1-3 minutes. The further the tip is away from the skin, the deeper the current will go. For full results, pull the tip up to ¼ inch away from your skin. Do not use over any area longer than 3-5 minutes and no more than 20 minutes for your whole face.


Emit an electrical current that generates bacteria-killing oxygen and promotes blood circulation and hair health


Can be used to increase or decrease the electrical current for your comfort


Slim design allows you to target lesions in hard-to-reach curves of the face & scalp

Following precautions should always be taken: avoid using AHA or Glycolic Acid products with high frequency machines. Avoid contact with broken capillaries, spider veins and areas of rosacea. Do not use high frequency during pregnancy. Do not use if you have a pacemaker or heart disease history. Avoid wearing metal jewelry while using high frequency. Never operate a high frequency machine with a broken bulb. Do not use outdoors, near water or around combustible substances. Avoid use during pregnancy.

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