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3 Ways To Make Your Skincare Work Better

Do you ever feel like your products just aren’t doing a whole lot for your complexion? If you’re using the right stuff for your skin, you should start seeing results within just a few weeks. But if it seems like no matter what you try, nothing works, you might be doing something wrong. Skincare is not just about what products you use but also how you use them. Read on for three essential tips for boosting the efficacy of your routine.


If your skin is suffocating under layers of dead, dull cells, your products won’t live up to your expectations. Think of dead skin like an impenetrable wall, creating an actual barrier between your products and the fresh, healthy skin sitting just below the surface. To get the most out of your serums and creams, exfoliate regularly with a gentle peel like my TCA Multi-Acid Face Peel. It effectively removes that dry skin barrier without irritating your face.

Apply in Order

Another reason you might not be seeing the results you need from your skincare is because you’re applying them in an improper order. Applying products is sort of like baking a cake—add the butter at the wrong time and your cake is going to fall flat in the oven. Products should always be applied according to their heaviness, with water-based serums first, face oils next, and face creams last.

Keep Skin Damp

Have you ever noticed how a dry sponge takes forever to soak up spills while a pre-moistened one absorbs liquids easily? The same concept applies to your skin! Damp skin is softer and plumper than bone-dry skin, allowing creams and serums to sink deeply into your complexion. After you cleanse, dry skin partially letting your creams and serums sink deeply into your skin.

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