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Quick Morning Ritual For Glowing Skin

Written by Kerry Benjamin

Quick Morning Ritual For Glowing Skin

I hear it all the time: "I just don’t have time to take good care of my skin on my way out the door in the mornings."I understand that it can be hectic, but good morning skincare actually doesn’t take much time at all. If you can devote some time to a powerful regimen of serums and tools at night, you don’t need to do much in the morning. Instead of focusing on lots of products, I like to keep my morning ritual more well-rounded and focused on my overall health. Here are a few things you should try to squeeze in when you wake up to get your skin glowing.

Drink Up! As soon as you wake up, you should have a full glass of water with lemon. The vitamin C in lemon is essential to collagen production and the water will help your skin stay hydrated. If you are a caffeine junkie, try green tea instead of coffee. Caffeine of any kind can cause dehydration and lead to inflammation, but green tea has loads of beneficial antioxidants that are wonderful for your skin. Just be sure to drink lots of water to keep your hydration levels stable.

Wash Your Face: You wouldn’t believe the amount of people who admit that they don’t wash their face in the morning. At night, skin purges a lot of sweat, oil, and salts. Not to mention, if you’re only washing your pillowcase once a week, there’s a lot of bacteria floating around in your bed that can clog pores. Wash your face with a gentle gel cleanser to rinse everything off without drying out your skin. To save time, wash your face in the shower!

Get Active: Do some squats as you pick out your outfit or pump out a few push-ups before your shower if you don’t have time for a morning workout.Your blood pressure and heart rate slow considerably as you sleep. Getting the blood pumping to your skin in the morning will give you a healthy glow all day.

Hydrate Your Skin: So you don’t think you have time for skincare? It takes 30 seconds, I promise! Just apply my HA Hydrating Serum to restore the moisture your skin loses at night. Voila! Plump skin all day.

Protect Yourself:Whatever you do, don’t forget SPF. If you can’t seem to remember, look for a multi-tasking source of sun protection like a tinted moisturizer or setting powder with SPF to kill two birds with one stone.

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Kerry Benjamin, a licensed aesthetician, has over 12 years of experience. Kerry is the driving force behind StackedSkincare. As the company's CEO, Kerry has dedicated her career to revolutionizing skincare. Her innovative approach combines peels, serums, and specialized tools toeffectively address a wide range of skin concerns. CA LE license number Z98459.