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Winter Skincare Tips: 4 Most Common Winter Skin Issues & How To Treat Them

Winter is here and so are some minor skin problems that come with the season. Let’s discuss how we can treat them!

Rough Skin Patches

Patches of rough skin is actually one of the most common issues found during the winter. As the temperature and air moisture drops, dry and uneven skin can start to set in. We all love blasting our heat on in winter, but the sudden change in temperatures between our homes and the outside have actually been found to make your skin more rough, dry, and patchy. And despite our best efforts to avoid dry skin, it seems inevitable to escape it throughout the wintertime. To treat rough skin patches, lightly exfoliating the area of the skin followed by applying your favorite lotion is a great way to clear your skin up. You can even make your own exfoliator at home by combining honey and sugar. Using this duo in the shower helps get rid of the dry, rough skin, and trap in the moisture. Repeat the process daily and dry skin patches should clear up!

Scaly Skin

No matter how much you moisturize your skin always seems to feel reptile-like! The solution? More moisturizer. You may think you’ve been lathering yourself up in your favorite springtime lotion, but that’s actually just the problem. That moisturizer works just fine in spring and summer, but as the weather conditions change so should your skin care routine and products. It’s been found that since air becomes so dry during the winter, the moisture from your everyday lotion gets easily lost in the air, leaving your skin as dry as it was before. Find an "ointment" moisturizer that's oil-based, rather than water-based. The oil creates a protective layer on the skin that retains more moisture than a cream or lotion, keeping your skin from loosing the moisture so easily.

Winter Burns and Rashes

When we think of burns we tend to think of the hot sun, a beach, and most likely some sunscreen. However, some of the worst burns can be the ones you get in the winter! If you live in an area with high winds or play winter sports, you are more prone to getting what we call windburns. These are more likely to occur in the winter when your skin is already very dry from being out in the cold, and even colder, dryer, gusts of winds hit your face. The irritation of the wind on sensitive skin can cause red rashes, which can get very itchy if not taken care of. The solution? Bring out your summer sunscreen. As it turns out, sunscreen helps protect your skin from the harsh conditions of winter, as well as trapping the in moisture. It helps shields your face from strong winds, lessening the chances of high irritation and redness. Another tip to help calm down the redness is to drink chamomile or green tea, which have been shown to contain qualities settle your skin down.

Chapped Hands

Many people suffer from chapped hands due to the dry, cold weather. The skin on the back of our hands is thin and easily affected by cold weather – especially since we use our hands for nearly everything. Often, our hands endure through the most. The winter can cause them to become dry and cracked, leading to wrinkles. Putting your gloves on before leaving to go outside will lend a huge hand in keeping your hands safe of harsh weather conditions. Also apply hand cream to keep your hands stay soft, smooth and healthy.



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